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We understand that finding a great real estate agent that has high levels of experience, knowledge, and amazing past client reviews can be very difficult to find. Agent Omega makes finding the best local real estate professional as easy as possible, and hope that we are able to connect you with the top real estate agent professional. If you are seeking an agent for listing your current home for sale, are buying your first home for your family, or are an experienced real estate investor who has gone through the process multiple times before; we are here for you to vet through the thousands of real estate agents and realtors to provide you with a list of the top three real estate agents in your community based on their history and experience of high volume sales as a real estate professional.

By providing you with a list of the best three agents near you, we are able to list their bios, coverage areas, sales history, and preferred business partners so that you can find the best real estate agents near you. Agent Omega's network of realtors and real estate agents have a minimum of four years experience in the real estate industry, have sold at least 30 homes in the past year, are up to date with their continued real estate education, and are in good standing with their local boards.

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America's Best Real Estate Agents

We have created a network of America's best real estate agents & realtors across the entire country. Agent Omega verifies agent's experience, license status, real estate expertise, and client reviews to make sure that anyone in need of a real estate professional can easily find one of the top agents or realtors in their neighborhood or community. There are thousands of realtors and real estate agents across the country, but we have filtered through and only selected only America's best agents to join our network of real estate pros.

Best Local Agents

In each city, town, or community across the country there are varying amounds of licensed real estate agents. In some communities there are hundreds of active realtors and agents, and in other communities there are a limited number of real estate agents to select from. Because of this we have chosen to provide a list of the best three agents per city to interview and select from for your home buying or selling needs.

Buyers Agents

Agent Omega has a network of buyers agents who specialize in helping first time home buyers, multi time home buyers, and real estate investors with searching for properties to purchase for themselves or their family. Many agents who specialize in working with buyers have state of the art processes and systems for helping their clients find the perfect neighborhood and home to make the process as quickly and painless as possible.

Listing Agents

Agent Omega has a network of listing agents who specialize in assisting existing home owners or investment property owners with listing their properties quickly, selling the properties for asking price or above asking price, and are expert negotiators to help their clients list and sell their homes as fast as possible. Many listing agents routinely handle listing 10-15 properties at the same time, and continue to sell their client's homes for 5-10% above asking price.

Best Agents Near Me

Use our search filter to find the best real estate agents nearby. Quite often when you are in need of an agent while searching for properties online or driving down the road and you find a home for sale in your favorite neighborhood, you are found asking yourself "where is the best real estate agent near me?", so we have added features to allow you to search for agents in your geographic area. Simple search for the state, then city you are located in, and the results for the best real estate agents and realtors nearby will be listed.


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